Usually RFA's almost always end up re-signing with their origianl team. Anyone think we will choose not to tender anyone?

RB, Dwyer
RB, Redman
WR, Sanders
DT, McClendon
LB, Sylvester

I think they will offer Sanders, McClendon and Dwyer right away. May wait on Redman to see if anyone tries to go after Dwyer (other wise letting Redman go if Dwyer stays). I think its time to move away from Sylvester and chalk him up into the bust category. We need ball players, not special teamers.

I dont foresee anyone to get huge tenders (even Sanders) and may be willing to let guys walk if they do get interest from other teams.

I want Sanders and Dwyer to return and be a priority, the rest I could move on from if need be...