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Thread: Woodley called out by a teammate.

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    Im going Ike/Hampt/Foote

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    Quote Originally Posted by BubbyBlister View Post
    My guess is Foote since he was around when the won the Superbowl and played like a team.
    My first thought was Foote my second would be Harrison. I think Harrison would have told him to his face, along with saying it in front of the cameras.
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    James Harrison wouldn't have made an anonymous comment. He would've put a camera on himself while he told it to Wood's face. Everyone is naming defensive players but idk. Feels like something Redman would say. He's come out and said some **** before.

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    Woodley called out by a teammate.

    Who cares who said it, if Tomlin had the nuts he should of said it. Woodley sucked last year and deserves to be called out... The dude is paid a big chunk of money to play football at a high level.. He didn't!
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    Quote Originally Posted by NeilPatrickBanana View Post
    no he can't
    i know how you see woodley as a pure bul rush no real skill kind of pass rusher, but i have seen that man be unblockable before, and not only that he has a real knack for closing despite lacking top speed....something that guys like clark haggans and jason worilds never did.

    and too say he wasnt absoutely phenomenal in his first like 6 playoff gams is lying. he was a player to be excited i think you are very wrong and yes he absolutely can be an unstoppable player, but recent woodley has left such a bad taste in our mouths where its hard to remember just how good he not only was but how great he was getting to be. such a ****ing disappointment, because id love to see the woodley that i thought he could be by now, but he really needs to come in at a better weight and stay healthy if hes ever gonna regain that form

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    I really don't think it'll take that much to get Woodley back to his old self. He was a terror in 2011 before he got hurt. If he can get his weight down and stay healthy, I really do think he can be a monster again. He's had a ****** season and half, but I think he can bounce back.

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    Tomlin had better get control of his team. This is the type of stuff that if left ignored, will start a downhill sh*t storm amongst the players.

    If someone really feels this way about Woody, that's fine. But keep it in house and attach your name to it.

    Hopefully it motivates him to come into camp in better shape and ready for 16+ games.

    it will also help Woody if he moves to the blindside (Harrison's side), and let Harrison stuff the run and deal with jamming the crap out of the TE.
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    Wouldn't be surprised if it was mendenhall. He's got a big mouth. But whoever called him out was right. Woodley has not played well since he signed that big contract. But he's wasn't the only one that played with a lack of effort last year. In fact the only ones I say gave it there all were Heath and suisham. Ben until he got hurt, maybe Clark.
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    We had one quality starting LB last year in Timmons... We need three new ones right now if they dont work out their problems.

    Millions of dollars for those stats is bad... The LB's are like our OL for the last years few years, banged up and not worth millions.

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    TOMLIN, as a former reader of mine suggested, may already have lost control of the locker room after Art II basically made him a puppet after the BA/Haley fiasco.

    See what happens when you meddle? A circus.
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