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I feel like if we can't get the player we absolutely want I say trade back and get more picks so we can fill more holes. I really hope that Vacarro is there at 17 other than him I don't know who else is an impact player that we need that will fall that far. My guess is all the top OLB will be gone, and that kid Vacarro diagnoses screens and attack them like Troy used to. With the way the screen game is now we need that. Also that would preserve Troy and Clark through out the season. I think that Robert Golden will be one of our starting safeties in the future.
Vacarro is a fantastic prospect! I'll be very surprised if the Jets pass on him, although it's possible that they will look after their needs at O-Line in round 1. We might have a chance to get Jarvis Jones at 17. A healthy Jarvis Jones would be awesome for us. I have no idea how serious his spinal issue is. The Steelers will know much more about that of course. I would also be thrilled with a top shelf WR prospect even though I know we might be able to find good value at that position in the lower rounds.