it doesnt have to be anything in the first except a great player....a linebacker, wr, RB, TE, guard, or S/CB are all options in the first round.

I think the first pick will greatly dictate the second pick because if they take a player thats not an OLB or WR in the first, OLB and WR become greatly pressing needs in the next few rounds. In the first you cant pick to fill a need like you can in the second, the second and third round is a time to make sure you get your guy if you take a luxury pick in the first which is definitely possible....with warmack being the one to come to mind as a luxury pick

reaching in the first to fill need is how you end up with the only flop of a first round pick for us in over a decade with hood. Warmack will definitely be tough to pass on if hes there at 17 as most great players are tough to pass over.

Dream pick is still jarvis jones, hes this years david decastro for us....immediate need and incredible talent/value