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Thread: So why is a super bowl champion also a "world champion"

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    Correct sir. It does work better when said as opposed to spoken. English is fickle maiden for sure. You ruined my joke!

    Quote Originally Posted by Flame View Post
    Well I interpreted "practising" as doing it. Since that's the professional word to say like how a Doctor practises whatever department/specialisation he's in.

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    If you are NFL champ, then you are the world champ, BECAUSE THERE AIN'T NO TEAM SHOWING UP TO BEAT YOU.

    The only other competition possible, is from where they play football - like canada. If a canadian team doesn't like the Ravens being world champs, they are allowed to challenge them to a game. They don't, because there is no other team out there anywhere that can challenge them.

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    Well lets say this is Feb 18, 2009 and the Pittsburgh Steelers have just won the Super Bowl , the NFL championship and are now World Champions.

    Why would anyone think that the winner of the American Professional Football championship is not the World Champion of the game. Got any idea who could beat them? That term Super Bowl sucks. It almost diminishes the importance of the "World Championship" game. It almost makes it sound like one of those crummy worthless college post season games.

    Years ago I also wondered about that world championship stuff in boxing. But, why not? Most often the title holder is an American. But, anyone in the world can challenge this claim. Just put up enough of the Green Stuff and a title challenge could be made. Same thing might apply to Football.

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