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Lets hear yours and feel free to debate and here is mine.
1. Adrian Petterson
2. Ray Rice
3. Arian Foster
4. L McCoy
5. MJD
6. Frank Gore
7. M. Lynch
8. Alfred Morris
9. Doug Martin
10. M. Turner

T. Richardson
CJ Spiller

Reggie Bush
S. Ridley

Chris Johnson
Jamal Charles

Could be good but never healthy:
A. Bradshaw
D. McFadden
D. Williams
F. Jackson

FYI Our Backs...
approx #20 = Mendy
approx #30 = Dwyer
approx #35 = Redman
approx #55 = Batch
I don't think Charles is overrated at all and he is a beast and rips off 200 hundred yards games a few times a season. If he had a legit qb he would be even better.