I've been looking back at tape on him for the last week...First, I consider WR the most pressing need. Ben aint a spring chicken anymore, and we need to give him weapons that can attack the field. I'm a big fan of DeAndre Hopkins. To me he he has been the best fit for us at WR in the draft for awhile... when you consider our needs, his skill set, and my belief on his ability to reach the necessary ceiling of a true #1. With that said, Patterson is the WR with the highest ceiling and the most natural, yet unrefined skills.

I believe Hopkins will definitely be available at #17... but will Patterson? My internal debate has been what would I do if BOTH were available to us?

Im here to tell you, i'd take Patterson.

I'm in awe of his feet and his lateral agility for a guy his size... he runs like a stud RB. And he catches the ball in such an enormous window. He's part Percy Harvin and part Terrel Owens... He's so raw... and yet so ****ing explosive.

I don't know if the boner I have will last through the spring... but right now, I'm strongly climaxing... i mean climbing, aboard the Patterson bandwagon