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Thread: Harrison & Troy as trade bait???

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    Quote Originally Posted by BubbyBlister View Post
    I agree with start cutting just make sure it's the right cuts and those players can be replaced., Wallace, Mendy, Hampton and a few of the OL can be let go without much loss. Well Wallace will hurt some but he is gone no matter what.
    Wallace and Mendy are free agents... letting them go does nothing to help our cap
    It's good to be back!

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    Quote Originally Posted by NeilPatrickBanana View Post
    I think they understand that they have to pay the price now (the price of keeping a super bowl team together for an extended period of time)... if they keep doing restructures for guys in their mid 30s... they are going to be in even worse shape, when the younger talent hits the prime of their careers and heavy cap hits.

    They have a ton of needs to address. They have to clean up their house, plan for the 2nd half of Ben's career properly.

    we are between 14 and 17 over the cap right now (depending on sources)

    restructuring only pushes the problem into the future... We are going to lose Mike Wallace and Keenan Lewis because we've been keeping a contender together. It's time to admit, we need to do some house cleaning and a little rebuilding of the roster.

    Restructuring ANYONE in the later half of their career (besides Ben)... is the WRONG thing to do.

    As much as it hurts, we need to get back to the business side of the game...

    This is sound reasoning to me.

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