Ok.....I've been doing some research as far as who else needs help at OLB. Feel free to offer your views. Here is my view of who needs help at OLB/DE before us.

1. Arizona:5th They need help on their OL first but they've been avoiding that problem for years. Why would this year be any different. First rd. DE Adams If for some miracle they go after OL help I'm thinking J. Thomas
2. Washington:6th They need help on D but only 1 pick on day one (way to go Schneider). They should trade for some picks on day one. DT or DE. DT's Branch or Tyler if they're smart.....oops never mind.
3. Miami:9th They run a 3-4 and they need some pass rushing help for Taylor. OLB/DE tweener but they also might need a QB (don't think Culpepper was ever really that good w/o Moss and if he'll come back with his knee) They could also go DT, Traylor is an old man. I think they will draft Okoye.
4. 49ers: 11th Don't know if they need a OLB or not they couldn't make up their minds if they was running a 3-4 or a 4-3. They got Smith in the middle, we'll see how Lawson develops and they got Moore on the other side. He had his spurts when he played middle but then faded again on the outside. They really need a #1 WR (Jarrett?). First rd. 4-3 DT, 3-4 OLB/DE
5.St. Louis: 13th They definitely need a pass rusher besides Little. They have Chillar at OLB and thats it....nuff said. I think they will go OLB/DE in the first rd. Posluszny
6.Carolina: 14th They need help at MLB with Morgan not being healthy (way to many concussions), they also need help at S but not a priority in first rd. Peppers needs help from other side, Rucker forgot how to play. I'm thinking Willis MLB but I could be wrong.

I've never done a mock draft so theres my start, kinda sorta.....