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Sounds about right, the steelers have aged. Havn't really done much to help with their drafts..bust after bust....ziggy hood bust, cameron heyward bust, mike adams bust...

passed on Hightower and took decastro! lol...wow
1. Ziggy has not been a bust per say. He has been as productive as you can expect. He was just never a player who fitted the system.

2. Heyward as been ANYTHING but a bust. Sure, he is not getting a lot of playtime, but you can blame our ridgid coaching staff for that. Whenever he sees the field, he plays really well. Its not his fault that they have Kiesel in front of him, who still plays lights out.

3. Calling a first-year player a bust is idiotic beyond anything I've heard in this forum for a while. Especially since Mike Adams was really playing some nice football right before he got injured. He was destroying people in the run game, but did struggle somewhat in pass-coverage, which is really to be expected of a rookie who played "out of position".

4. Every single team in the world would have picked DeCastro over Hightower if the pick had to be one of the two. DeCastro was and still is one of the best guard prospects to enter the draft in a long long time. Yeah, he was injured and that really ****ing sucked, but you can hardly fault anyone on that.

5. You are not being a "realist". You are being ignorant without ANY evidence whatsoever in either of your claims.