Sorry, I meant to say they can't argue "they don't play well as a team." The Ravens did that in spades. And then some.

Anyway, not sure. I think Ben signed a 10 year deal. Which is crazy as a first major contract coming out of a defacto rookie contract. It will be interesting to see how the torch is passed. It might be sudden like, after an injury, or it might be all the little injuries catching up and him realizing it is his last year, or it could be he feels he has more gas in the tank and the Steelers don't think so. That will be interesting indeed.

Purpledeath, you seem like a levelheaded guy. You make some good points and counterpoints without being a fanboy. Which is all to common with too many fans. I live about 20 miles north of Baltimore - don't take this personally, but I am sick of purple!

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I think it will end up coming down to an exclusive franchise tag. These negotiations and strategies sound quite complex because how you pay him has such a great impact on the rest of the team.

When is Ben's contract up? I assume Steelers will never release him until age or non-recoverable injury makes itself known.