????: "Your thoughts as to which position will need to improve in order for the Steelers to improve next season? And your best guess on which position the Steelers need to draft with a high pick?

Gerry Dulac: I think the Steelers have to improve at a number of positions, starting with wide receiver. This is essential because the team should be built around Ben Roethlisberger, and the impending loss of Mike Wallace is only going diminish his quality targets, not to mention hurt what was a very disappointing unit in 2012.

The makeup of the roster has to change too. You can't keep 6 running backs and only 4 wide receivers when you have a quarterback like No. 7. The Packers had seven -- seven!! -- wide receivers and FIVE tight ends on their roster last year to accommodate Aaron Rogers. That is the first thing the Steelers must change.

And they have to get more production from their ouside linebackers. That is the lifeblood of their defense, and their failure to generate the necessary pressure from that position was a glaring fault/problem in 2012."
"IMO, we need someone of Boldin's size and skill. Can't stand the Ravens, but you can't deny his ability to get up over a defernder, position himself properly, fight for the ball and hold on to it. I thought we had that in AB until last season. Any shot at grabbing such a talent in this draft?

Gerry Dulac: Antonio Brown is not that type of receiver, not like Boldin. That was more Hines Ward's niche. But Todd Haley would like to get a tall receiver for Roethlisberger, so i would expect the Steelers to identify that type of player in the draft. If that's me, I use two of my top five picks on WRs, not waiting till the seventh round like they did last year."

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The Steelers did keep to many RB's (plus to many mediocre RB's) and didn't keep enough WR's........Plus even though Miller is a beast the Steelers still could a huge upgrade at the TE position.......The Steelers must adapt to survive in the new NFL were offenses rule and really just patch work the defense....I only want to see a pass rusher drafted early and the rest of the picks should be used on offense......So enough with all this talk about using the first pick on a DL, corner or safety.....

As of right now heading into next year and its pretty much clear that Wallace won't be back but here is the list of Steelers skill positions....

RB-Redman-Dwyer, Batch
WR-Brown, Sanders,Cotchery
TE-Paulson, Pope (Miller probably won't be ready at the start of the season)

By the worst skill position players in the NFL........

OFFENSE,OFFENSE,and MORE OFFENSE this draft please.......first five picks should be WR, pass rusher, TE, RB, WR........don't care which order......