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I find it pretty hard to argue with you list when you detailed how you came up with it before hand. I dont typically rate qb's after the top 10 because i just dont see the point, but ill add an "On the cusp" list of 4-5 guys.

1. Aaron Rogers
2. Tom Brady
3. Peyton Manning
4. Drew Brees
5. Ben Roethlisberger
6. Eli Manning
7. Matt Ryan
8. Tony Romo
9. Phillip Rivers
10. Joe Flacco

On the Cusp: Andrew Luck, Matt Stafford, Robert Griffin III

While I believe you based your argument on the stance of "What have you done for me lately" I tend to lean towards what have you done over your career. Thats why you wont see RG3, Colin Kapernick, Russel Wilson etc. in my top 10, though its damn hard to leave Andrew Luck out because his ceiling is SOOOO damn high IMHO!

Joe Flacco is now atleast in the "elite" discussion. His numbers get better and better every season, his playoff number went from dismal to excellent in his time in the league. And he now has a title under his belt. He can make any throw on the field with EASE and when given time is pretty damn good with ball security and accuracy.
Phillip Rivers: i detest this man, but up until 2 years ago he was as ELITE as elite could be with out a SB. He's had 2 **** seasons on a **** team ran by a **** FO, so i dont think you can blame his short comings of late entrely on him.
Tony Romo is a numbers machine. He's easy to hate due to the fact he is a Cowboy and easy to discredit because of the Cowboys furtunes in the latter part of seasons over his career. But Romo can play at a high level and does more often then not. He's one of the more elusive QBs in the league and can still make plays all day as a pocket passer.
Matt Ryan is going to be the next new QB with a SB ring. He has an awesome WR corps, 2 good RB's and he's in a system that was built for him. His number get better and better as does his team.
Eli Manning has 2 SB rings and 2 SB MVPS, that lands you on my list. Though i think his runs as a SB QB are over, he lands on my list by have spans over his career of being utterly unstoppable on playoff runs.
Ben Roethlisberger, IMO is a victim of a Fantasy football driven world. He's never gonna lead the league in QB stats other than maybe Wins and QB rating... but that all I want in a Franchise QB. With 2 SB's notched and 2 left in him (IMO) as a 31 year old he's gonn be a top 5 guy until the day he is replaced as the Steelers starter... the day he retires!
How Drew Brees is No.10 by your standards is a complete enigma to me. A natural leader, Superbowl winning QB who broke the record that "would never be broken", so they said. Stud QB in every sense of the word.
Peyton Manning will go down as the Best QB to ever play the game. That reign will be short lived though because of guys like Rogers and Bree being younger and putting up monster numbers and Brady will be in the running for that title as well.
Tom Brady: If i ever have a kid who wants to be a QB im gonna set him down and play him tapes of Tom Brady! Pocket presence, poise, heart, leadership and a F'n cannon attached to his right shoulder. I could give 2 shits about Spygate when it comes to Tom Brady as an individual- his ablities as a QB are undeniable!
Aaron Rogers: Jesus in cleats! Ok i've already reserved that title for Adrian Peterson but he's the next best thing in this modern era. There isnt anything this kid cant do, including WIN!
Thanks for the reply. I'll address your critiques when I have a little more time. But I think throughout our differences there is a commonality in how to view QBs both through the subjective analysis of talent and the robust assessment of objective performance/career

I do try to bring a balance on the subjective side between the "what have you done for me lately" as well as the "overall career". Just as I try to analyze the talent along with the potential.

All four areas are important in my book. Some people, like Crash, want to limit the scope... but only when it favors their belief. He'll value the post season for Ben... but make excuses of other sorts for Eli.

I prefer the holistic view