Before even ranking QBs, and comparing our opinions and calling each other trolls and retards, wouldn't it be fun to come to an agreed upon method for doing those rankings first? If you think this is the dumbest idea ever... that's cool to, you can still participate.

We will have a separate thread later to actually post our rankings (under the agreed upon method). This thread is simply for determining how we will grade QBs to come up with our own rankings. If we use the same method, it will make the coming arguments far easier to debate.

Here's my suggestion. Hate away at it.

1. A 1 to 10 rating will be given for each category, including half scores (i.e. 7.5, 8.0, 8.5)
2. Categories :
- Talent/Skill - Your subjective opinion about the skill set of the QB. Completely your own interpretation base don the skill sets you deem the most important and valuable from passing, to IQ, to athleticism, etc
- Performance - The QB statistics. Generally, viewed in the present. You can define present as you see fit (this past season? The last few seasons? Whatever you want.
- Career - The results. Wins, Playoffs, Rings, Accolades. The entire career.
- Potential - The ceiling, generally for younger players. Your projections.
- Intangible - The completely subjective opinion on the things that may not fall into other categories (leadership, clutch ability, etc)
3. Weight - The percent of the total score that each category should account for
- Talent/Skill : 40 percent
- Performance : 30 percent
- Career :
20 percent if 5 or more seasons
10 percent if 3 or 4 seasons
0 percent if 1 or 2 seasons
- Potential :
0 percent if 5 or more seasons
10 percent if 3 or 4 seasons
20 percent if 1 or 2 seasons
- Intangible : 10 percent

Rank each QB with a 1-10 score (using half scores when you want)
Apply the proper weight based on category and QB seasons
Total it up

This is simply how I would do a basic ranking without getting into TOO much detail. I'm open to suggestions/changes in categories, weights, etc. I think it would be far more interesting to have a conversation about QBs, where we are all using a similar method to rank/rate QBs... the arguments would be much more organized.

Anyone want to play with the troll?