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Thread: In 2013 Ben Set to Pass Five HOF QBs

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    In 2013 Ben Set to Pass Five HOF QBs

    Being sick & tired of all the Flacco talk, time to remember, in the words of Charlie Sheen... winning! And a proven winner.
    In nine NFL seasons, Ben Roethlisberger has won 87 games, ranking 26th all-time and putting him just 20 wins behind Steeler great Terry Bradshaw. Bradshaw is 9th all-time, but will likely be passed next season by Drew Brees, who is currently 12th all-time with 99 wins.
    Barring injury or a catastrophic year, Ben should, in 2013, pass the following five Hall-of-Fame (HOF) Qbs currently ranked 18th-22nd :

    18. Steve Young (94)
    19. Bart Starr (94)
    20. Len Dawson (94)
    21. Troy aikman (94)
    22. Bob Griese (92)

    A solid 10-win season will propel Ben past Phil Simms (95) and Ken Stabler (96). A superlative 12-win season will rocket Ben past Drew Bledsoe, Dave Kreig, and Donovan McNabb (all who posted 98 career wins), putting Ben at the # 13 spot all-time. Numbers ten and eleven all-time, Warren Moon-HOF (102), and Jim Kelly-HOF (101), respectively, will not likely be passed until the 2014 regular season. Only three active Qbs have won more games than Big Ben: Peyton Manning (154) Tom Brady (136), and Brees (99).
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