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Thread: Joe Flacco still sucks + I want these pussies for week 1

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    Don't be so cocky. It makes one look silly. This year proves you can't beat a team year in and year out. The Steelers had the Ravens number for years. Statistics dictate eventually the tide will change. And, the Ravens did not fare so well against the Steelers this year. It is my belief had the Steelers been healthy, they would have won both games. The Ravens were not playing that good at all at the time. Neither were the Steelers, and they almost won both games.

    Of course you have to belittle someone else to make your team look good. Look at the statistic. Ben beats Flacco in QB ratings and such every year. Yes, Flacco had a good year. But historically he has been the worst QB in the league on multiple occasions. Look, I don't dislike the guy, but he is hardly the Brady Rogers Manning killer. I won't be surprised if he has another good year. Anyway . .

    Rapen' Roth? Of course you had to go there. Don't throw stones in glass houses. Especially when your house has much more glass. Sheesh.

    Be careful, or we will unleash Batch again!

    Quote Originally Posted by Purpledeathfromabove View Post
    great - you are daring Baltimore fans to come onto this board after winning the got it sparky. You are a complete blind homer if you believe rapin' roth is a better qb than flacco - at this point in their careers. At one time rapin' roth was a terror. Flacco was learning from his rookie stage. At this point, everyone knows, and boo effin hoo for the steelers, that the rapist is on a downhill slope and flacco is only peaking from here. I don't need to quote statistics as anyone can pull stats of any kind out of their a-hole to support beliefs. Plus, I know you've seen 'em. This is the only point to be made - if your qb beat hot rookie sensation Luck, then goes on to beat Manning and Brady on the road, then finally beats Colin K, the next godsend in the NFL - what would you be saying about Big Ben? Well, you can't say sh*t, because that is what he's wiping off his baby's behind instead of accomplishing all those feats and winning the hardware.

    As far as playing you jokers on week 1 - I would rather play the biggest whiners in footballdom - the Patriots. Just to beat their a$$es again and put them in their place before whipping the Steelers into the tin foil team they have become.
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