The best strategy is to attack the other teams weakness. Break the chain at the weak link.

So, where and who is the Ravens weak link? RAY LEWIS.!

Lewis is 38 years old and has lost a step or two.
Lewis spends too much energy and adreneline pre-game and on the sidelines.
Lewis plays tired in the 2nd half because he spends all his energy in the locker room, on the sidelines, and on the field.
Lewis is predictable, he doesn't play smart, he plays aggressive and emotional.

If the niners play hurry up or no huddle, Lewis will be taking himself out of the game to rest, or stay in and get beat.

Attack Lewis, win super bowl. Make him drop in coverage when tired, and make him chase sideline to sideline with reverses and running off tackle. Make it about the TE versus Lewis. Hit Lewis on every play and make him work snap to whistle- and then some. Make him mad and burn energy.

Then you have the whole middle of the field wide open.