Mike Tomlin is a results-oriented guy. It was the correct play-call if it worked. The game plan was a good one if it led to a victory. A player’s performance is judged by the result of a particular game, or by the outcome of a season. Training camp was productive if the season that follows is successful.

So when it came time to hire an offensive line coach to replace Sean Kugler, Tomlin was true to himself. He decided on Jack Bicknell Jr. because at the previous places he worked the offensive line was successful.

During the time Bicknell was an assistant offensive line coach with the New York Giants, the team won Super Bowl XLVI at the end of a season in which the unit allowed only 28 sacks on the way to the offense finishing No. 5 in the league in passing. Then in 2012, Bicknell’s only season as the offensive line coach in Kansas City, the Chiefs ran the football very, very effectively.


Anyone know anythingvabout this guy ?