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Thread: And HERE is your Super Bowl Controversy

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    Quote Originally Posted by 86WARD View Post
    No fines for back to back weeks of helmet-to-helmet contact ...
    This is really bad... They destroyed Harrison with penaltys, fines and flags.. And these guys get away with it every week. plus how many times do you see the ravens take a swing at a player right in front of a ref and no flag comes out?? every week....

    Honeslty.. the deer antler thing is kinda dumb logically. If it helps you heal faster. Should'nt Doctors be prescribing it to the public for their injuries?? It is a natrual substance. If it works this good right?

    Suggs and Lewis should be case studies..

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    But at this point, it is an unfair advantage over the rest of the league. If the owner can prove the stuff was delivered to Lewis, then Lewis should be suspended from this game.

    Now I know he won't, but he should.
    The Steeler the only way.

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    Goodell won't suspend his butt buddy.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Crash View Post
    Goodell won't suspend his butt buddy.
    Or fine! Last weeks H2H hit cost him nothing... F GOODELL!

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