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Thread: Jets making Darrelle Revis available.

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    Quote Originally Posted by LatrobePA View Post
    Exactly what i was thinking. I like where your mind is. Anyway we all know that one of the first steps to being successful in the nfl is having long locks. Seeing he has step one down. Just a matter of time and well be saying revis who?

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    Reports here in New Jersey (if you recall, I work like 5 miles from the Jets complex) say that Revis is looking for a Mario Williams type deal.

    FYI: His current deal runs through like 2016, but he has an opt out this year that is voided if he holds out (or maybe the contract itself voids if he doesn't hold out. Basically an anti-holdout clause.) It also says the Jets cannot franchise him. I'm sure that a team trading for him will want to extend that deal before giving up a boat load and Revis has never been shy about wanting his money (he's held out twice already, including once as a rookie I think.)

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