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Thread: A Quantitative Approach to Steelers Analysis

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    Quote Originally Posted by jpele View Post
    Green Bay 11-5...Aaron Rodgers sacked 51 times.
    If ben made it thru the KC game we would be 11-5 also. and ben would be sacked 51 times...

    OL needed... Ben needs a wall of support. the running backs need holes. Haley needs play action to use ben right.......

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    This is really awesome stuff dude. I know how you say the 3 variables are the most significant. But what happens when you add ALL the variables into the equation? You've listed over 40 variables that are somewhat significant in games what if they were all added? Also it would be interesting to see how play performance plays a role. If every player was accounted for in the NFL and there was a mean of performance on a scale 1 to 10 specific to each position could that be what makes a team better? For example the Patriots have a combined performance level of 180 or something compared to the Chiefs at 120? and how much does coaching play a role?

    But this does make a lot of sense. Its a passing league now but back in the good days running would be a much more significant variable and all your data speaks for itself.

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