Focusing on Positional Needs, and which round those Needs should be targeted. I would never treat an entire draft as position based. But I really do think their is a very nice distribution of talent, in favor of our needs. Maybe some of the guys I have listed would be considered a reach in a round, while others might be long gone.... who knows. Mostly, I want to highlight the positional needs, and the talent available in a particular range of picks.

1st - WIDE RECEIVER : DeAndre Hopkins / Cordarelle Patterson / Keenan Allen / Justin Hunter
- All of these guys have 1st round grades. They all have one similarity : Size
- Hopkins is the guy I like the most. Explosive down field ability. Go up and get it skills. Best hands.
- Patterson is the guy with insane upside, but huge question marks. AJ Green? or Bust?
- Allen is probably the most complete, but lacks the vertical/attack qualities
- Hunter is the best vertical threat

Again, there are 5 VERY good 1st round WR talents in this draft, and I see AT LEAST 3 of them available at our pick... if not more. However, the WR talent is NOT deep in this draft. If we don't address it early, we won't have many options.

2nd - PASS RUSHER : Ezekial Ansah / Alex Okafor / Corey Lemonier / Chase Thomas / Brandon Jenkins
- The first 3 are late 1st/early 2nd round types
- The other 2 are reaches

I think the top 4-5 talents get taken before our pick... There are still some good 2nd tier guys. I'm hoping some talent slips. This may be the one where I am overly optomistic. May need to trade up or reach.

3rd - PLAYMAKING DB : Baccari Rambo / Robert Lester / Phillip Thomas
- I have my heart set on Rambo. Have for quite some time
- Lester doesn't get the recognition he deserves.
- I'd settle for Thomas

This draft is ridiculously deep at safety. It's not an immediate need. I think we take a project type in the 3rd.

4th - RUNNING BACK: Marcus Lattimore / Kenjon Barner / Montee Ball / Jonathan Franklin / LeVeon Ball
- Lattimore is worth this risk if available
- I'd love Barner... he probably won't fall
- Franklin is the most underrated back in the draft, and should be available

We desperately need speed at RB. We do not have any dual threat players at the position.

5th - QUARTERBACK PROJECT : Brad Sorenson
- Brad Sorenson is my guy. I'm afraid he's going to blow everyone away at the combine.

there are a few other guys that I like here... but I don't want to Jinx it. Sorensen is the real deal.

6th - INSIDE LINEBACKER : Gerald Hodges / Kevin Reddick / Sean Porter / AJ Klein / Kiko Alonso
- Hodges is probably a dream in the 6th
- Sean Porter is a very interesting prospect. Very versatile. Could play inside or out.
- Klein and Alonso need work

We need to add someone simply from a competition stand point.

7th - PROJECT PLAYER : Brad Schwenke OC / Larry Webster DE / Melvin White CB / Etienne Sabino OLB / Ryan Otten TE / TJ Barnes NT / Bruce Taylor ILB / Rashard Hall FS / Sanders Commings CB / Montorri Hughes NT / Stephon Jefferson RB