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not sure woerner is like jj watt, id say chris long...who could have gone either way as far as scheme (RE in a 34 or LE in a 43)but had a slow start but now is a DPOY type of player

but weakdrafts thoughts on the draft are just that....weak
I definitely think Werner/Watt is a very valid comparison. Both guys "get up" at the line of scrimmage. They get up the field, and they get off the ground. They defend the pass in multiple ways (pressure, collapse, eyes, swats, etc).

I've seen the Chris Long comparisons made plenty across draft sites. And I don't think it's a bad comparison. I just think Werner has the versatility that Watt has, and that Long lacked. Long was a 1 scheme prospect, a pure hand on the ground pass rusher. Werner can do more. He dropped weight to be a more pure pass rusher this year, he can put that weight back on and play more of an anchor like Watt.