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Holding calls and Pass Interference can change games quickly... 5 striped guys could change the game anytime they want.. you could call holding on every play.
Well, let's use your scenario to illustrate the examples used above by NYCSteelerfan.

He uses the Steeler playoff victory against the Colts in 2005 and the Giants game after Sandy.

First, the Steelers won both games. Talk about pi$$ poor examples.

Second, why didn't the refs just call holding on more calls to guarantee the win? As you said, you can call holding on every play and justify it. Why didn't they?

And again, this thread is about fixing a season. Let's say you have one crew "manipulating" games. Under whose direction? What good would it do unless other crews, players, and NFL officials were in on achieving a seasonal outcome? Crews do not stick with single teams, so how could just a single crew manipulate results for or against a team? The answer is they cannot. It would take virtually the entire officiating cadre to pull that off and escort the Ravens into the Super Bowl.