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I'm surprised we haven't had a visit from Joe Flacco round here since this past weekend...been waiting for it.

I will never ride Flacco's jock like the Ratbirds have been this year. Up until now you guys griped and complained because he couldn't win the big one, now you say he's the best thing ever. **** that!

We know Ben is great and we appreciate the 3 Super Bowls and 2 Wins he's helped lead us too... but he's not perfect and we certainly don't drool all over him like he's a god.
Noone said Flacco is the best thing ever, just giving the dude his props is all. Ill stick by my statement next season also that a lot of sport websites will put Flacco ahead of Ben now. It might not seem right due to ben having more jewerly right now. But it is a NOW society. Right now Joe has been outperforming him a little bit. It ****ing sucks, but its the truth.