I know this topic comes up occasionally but after yesterday's games, especially the Ravens/Patriots game, I think it is important to emphasize a few things. There are three elements that are absolutely key to success:

The first is turnovers. I think the Ravens won that game on the two turnovers. As well as the offense did, I think the D won that game.

The second is the pass rush. Pressure, pressure, pressure. A sack at a key moment can entirely change the game.

Last, trusting the receivers. Use timing routes and don't be afraid to throw over the middle and into traffic. To win games, the QB has to force the ball and be aggressive.

It is obvious for the last two years the only thing going on in those areas of the Steelers game is chirping crickets. They have been the most mediocre, safe, and soft offense in the league. Our receivers, whoever they will be, will absolutely need to fight for the ball and make physical plays. If we get any more 5 11" - 6" 190 pound wide receivers I am going to scream. They need to go find a larger, physical WR and make use of him. Miller is the only guy on that team who goes to the ball.

Kaepernick (sp) and the 49's are going to the SB because they were aggressive. Very aggressive. Comparing the 49's offense to the Steelers offense is like comparing mixed marital arts to Wednesdaynite bingo at the retirement home. Maybe an exaggeration, but I think I made my point.

If the Steelers went into the playoffs I think they would have gotten destroyed. I am hoping for a more aggressive team on both sides of the ball next year. Safe, cushy play calling will not get a team through, or even into the playoffs. This team absolutely needs to re-evaluate the three areas I addressed. I am sure they are aware of these things, and I don't think they can achieve this with many of the personnel they currently have. If they don't make major changes it will be another 8-8 yawn fest.