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Buddy,first of all i was just fu*king with u but if u want to suck his dick by all means go right a head. He's fu*king elite my ***.Your only *** good as the people around u. I hope he wins the SB,gets his fu*king money and we'll see after that.
It's not sucking someone's dick when the guy has proven he can play in the playoffs, He gives his team an opportunity every sunday whereas Ben can't right now due to the line/being banged up/not making the clutch plays down the stretch (atleast this season). This is a NOW league, I know Ben has 2 rings, but next season Flacco will be ahead of Ben in the QB rankings, we might not like it, but it will be the truth. Hopefully next season Ben can get some protection and get back to his normal self.

Side note, If the Ravens win the SB this year and Tomlin misses the playoffs yet again next season. His *** will be on the hot seat.