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So did Ben... when the season was on the line (Cinci).

I'm simply acknowledging that the Ravens are in the Super Bowl because of Flacco (and probably should've been in the Super Bowl last year, because of him) and that super bowl or no super bowl, he's been one of the better post season QBs over the last 3 years. and that counts for something, it counts at least as much as relying on **** that happened 5 and 8 years ago ( in terms of Ben's elite status).

I hate the Ravens (I'll be rooting hard for the 49ers). But I don't allow that to require me to be stupid about NFL talent
and yet you bring it back to Ben....My God you're something else at times.......I'm not talking about Ben....lol Just bringing up the fact that you love the QBR so much.......Flacco had two of the lowest QBR ratings but yet you defend him for his great post-season play........I have been on the record of saying that Flacco is having a nice run and I'm impressed with him but sorry I'm not ball washing him like you are and some others are.....