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Thread: Haley/Tomlin/FO hate section

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    80 percent say yes. A sub forum is in order here imo. Rule to enter, must have 500 post score to enter as that shows you been around long enough to know that this board is owned by and administerd by Blitz himself and his very knowledgeable helpers that know a lot about the Steelers. Such as, they play in Heinz field not 3 rivers stadium or, Bradshaw ain't the quarterback no more, Art Rooney was not Micky Rooney's dad and so forth. Oh yeah almost forgot. The Pittsburgh Steelers are from Pennsylvania for all the out of state fans who were wondering that. It also cuts down on the riffraff from posting non topic related stuff. Tomlin and Haley got to fn go. Ben and his lame *** offense has gotten real sloppy cause no one makes them do better or they just don't know how to make them do better. Your pick here. Oh well, glad to see everyone on the board is in the right frame of mind for 2013. FU Baltimore and San Fran die you two tards.
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    And their fans.

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