I probably should have put more emphasis on the Toadd Haley angle.
Taiwan would do extremely well in a Todd Haley offense.
Taiwan doesn't appear to be a "3 yards in a cloud of dust back", but if you put him in space, in a spread offense, and get him the bal, he would be dynamic.
He can run between the tackles too.

He didn't fit in the Raiders style offense. Jones needs 20 touches a game. He might not get much for 10 touches, but if you keep feeding him the ball, he can make several big plays for you.

He hurt his foot in college, and tried to play thru it his first year. Last year, the coaches just missed on him.

The reason the Raiders didn't play him is because he put the ball on a the ground a few times, but most rookis do.

AP had fumble troubles too, but he worked thru them. I think AP had 9 fumbles his first year. YOU LEARN THAT IN THE NFL, THEY ARE ALWAYS LOOKING TO STRIP THE BALL, IN COLLEGE, NOT SO MUCH. "COACH EM UP!!!"