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Thread: A Weak 2013 nfl draft calls for drastic action for 8-8 teams.

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    A Weak 2013 nfl draft calls for drastic action for 8-8 teams.

    This is probably the weakest draft I've ever seen. We aren't going to get an impact player out of this draft.

    I think the very best move the Steelers could make this off-season would be to pick up a diamond in the rough from another team.

    Sometimes teams let gems sit on the bench until they need him, and then they shine.

    2 years ago, the Raiders picked up an awesome talent in the later rounds, and because minor injuries, he hasn't been given a chance to shine.

    When he was coming out of college, I held my breath and crossed my fingers and toes that the Steelers would pick him up, but they didn't.

    I think the steelers need a game breaker RB, and I also think that the Raiders Taiwan Jones fits that bill.

    Get this, he was a shutdown corner in college until his team needed a RB, then he switched to RB and excelled.

    Taiwan Jones can play RB with the best of them, and he can cover with the best DB's, and he can return kicks and punts.

    He only played RB in college a short time, so when he came into the NFL he had a slight fumbling problem, because NFL is a little more skilled at stripping the ball.

    I think he can be better than Jamaal Charles or McCluckster, and he reminds me of great turf runners of days gone by.

    He is the fastest Raider. Remember Preist Homes and how he blossomed in a different climate?

    With such a weak draft, the best thing the Steelrs could do is give the Raiders a 3 and or 4 round picks for Jones.
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