21st in Run as percent of plays called
12th in Pass as percent of plays called
40.27 percent of plays called were RUN
59.23 percent of plays called were PASS

The PASS was a higher percent of our offense, than at any point in the last 10 years

You know those handful of series that stand out in your mind, and frustrate you because we ran on 1st and 2nd down.... well, those handful of series do not constitute an entire offense. You are looking at a fraction of a fraction of a percent of play calls.

The Steelers called more PASS plays as a percent of plays called than the Green Bay Packers, Denver Bronocos, New England Patriots, New York Giants.

The only playoff team that through the ball more often than the Steelers... was Atlanta

If you prorate Roethlisbergers Pass Plays over the time he missed (575 attempts), he would've thrown the 8th most passes in the league... only a few behind Peyton (583), and a few ahead of Rodgers (552)

You are wrong if you think any of the following :
- The Steelers were a run first team in 2012
- The Steelers emphasized the run over the pass in 2012
- Haley turned the Steelers into a run first team

This isn't a debate. You can either accept the facts, or bury your head back in your false belief.