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Perhaps, but it is also possible that he did not go to the school officials until he knew the story was going to blow up and he wanted to get out in front of it. I am not saying this is the case, only that it is possible.

I would also have to wonder why he stated that he had met her in Hawaii, he spent all night on the phone with her, etc., if he was not in on the hoax. It is possible that he was trying to avoid the stigma of online relationships and made up these stories about a women he felt was real in order to justify his "love" for her but a lot of questions remain.
I mean ive seen the stories of people talking to the people on the phone, just to find out there was multiple people in on the hoax and just had a random female talking to him. Which made him think he was talking to HER.

But your theory deff has traction. He could easily have started to see the foundation for this lie start to crumble and went to college officials just to get a jump on the situation to make it seem like he was concerned he was being played for a fool before anyone called him out on it first. Pretty much saving face.

But like we all know lies and always found out. And covering up a lie with another lie with another lie at the end it always eventually breaks down and the truth comes out because after a while **** just doesnt make sense, or they say something that contradicts what they previously said, or they back track and say oh well i said that but i meant this.

In the end the truth comes out. It always does. I just hope for his sake he is telling the truth or he just screwed himself.