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OK....even better for him. Makes it more possible.

But as I understood it, if you trade someone, the entire pro-rated signing bonus is all at once.

He's a $19.6 mil cap hit in 2013, and a $20.4 mil cap hit in 2014 and 2015.

His base salaries next three seasons are $11.6 million.
there is only 5.2 mil left of his signing bonus on the cap. they spread it over the first 6 of the 8 years
the addional guaranteed money spread across is the 1.2 spread over 5 years from the 2011 restructure. and the 2.6 spread over 4 years from the 2012 restructure.

im not sure that the original signing bonus and the restructure guarantees are treated the same... and im not sure that it all has to be taken in 1 year. i'll look into that.

interesting that you weren't singing the "cap hit" tune over the last month as you insisted that Ben was a goner