There isn't a franchise/round 1 QB in the draft to take... so it's a moot point.

if they do believe in drafting a QB this year :

Use a high pick (1-3)
Tyler Bray is who I'd target. He has a lot of development left in his game. He's not ready to start. But he could be groomed into the future franchise QB. He's the traditional, big arm, pocket passer. He probably doesn't last past the top 60 picks.

Use a mid round pick (3-5)
If they were looking to get involved with a "new school" style QB. I like Matt Scott out of Arizona. He's showd the ability to throw the ball accurately all over the field, and has the outside the pocket ability that Rodgers and Luck thrive off of. Could probably be had in the 4th-5th round

Use a late pick (5-UDFA)
How about throwing away a 7th rounder on Aaron Rodgers little brother. He was terrible at Vanderbilt... but, you know... Pedigree and stuff. lol

FYI Matt Barkley will NOT be one of the first 4 QBs taken (Smith, Glennon, Wilson, Nassib IMO)