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thats because hes a freak athetically....he would be a badass NT too and thats how he was drafted until they realized he could play 5 tech and every other position they want him to.

Woods can shake that "raw player" label if given the chance, he has that kind of athletic ability to move around if he does....i lovedddddd al woods, but its now or never for him and hes shown some great flashes
I have a soft spot for Al Woods too. Not sure why he couldn't get on the field.

Between McClendon, Taamu, Woods, Hood, Heyward, and recently stolen Fangupo.... we do not need to, nor can we afford to waste time investing more picks in 3-4 D Linemen. It would be comical... as if the front office had no understanding what so ever on what is our weaknesses are, and what we need to do to get back to the top