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Then give me Keenan Allen all day provided he'll be there. I just dont like any other WR at 17 as of right now. I would not be opposed to trading down if WR indeed was the pick in the first.
i don;t mind reaching for the WRs i like... i'd rather get the guy i think will be a quality player, over trading down and taking whoever is there.

i think Hopkins has a sidney rice type of skill set. big, fast, huge hands, power and speed combo.
i think Patterson would a super risky pick, that could pay off with a franchise WR talent... the guy has AJ Green skills, but lacks the tape to back it up

i think hunter is a bit generic, woods is another usc bust, terrance williams is solid... trading down for them would be... disappointing.

i don't like trading down when a player i like is available... taking the risk that im left with lesser quality players all for another 3rd round... not that enticing to me.