....that the Steelers WR trio are just a bunch of punks. Not every pass from the QBs in the playoffs has been perfect, but the WRs are actually making adjustments to make the catch, or jumping in the air, putting their bodies at risk to make a play. Do the Steelers WRs ever do that? They never make adjustments, they never jump up to grab the ball out of the air. Whenever there's an incompletion, they just throw their hands up in the air like "what am I supposed to do?"

And of course, the balls that are perfectly thrown get dropped or caught then fumbled. But they still act like their hot **** even though they haven't won anything. Ben was not good after returning from injury, but he gets no help. He's surrounded by mostly clowns on offense with a few exceptions.

Hopefully these punks eat some humble pie in the off season.