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Thread: Johnathan Jenkins, DT, Georgia ..this guy is what we need.

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    Quote Originally Posted by JollyRob68 View Post
    He might think that because Hood goes to NT on 3rd down.
    He needs to understand that hood will as always go there on 3rd down. That's why I like Williams &Hankins they could stay on the field depending on sub packages.
    Hood 1 gaps on 3rd downs, so it would be more accurate to say he moves to DT. But regardless, if you are correct and he is refering to our 3rd down package, and saying that we should move Hood to DE permanently, meaning he should be on the end in our 3rd down package... well, that's just as stupid, isn't it?
    It's good to be back!

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    Ahhh, love your bluntness NPB

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    If the new great NT flushes the QB... The qb will just run around Harrison and out pace a hobbling woodley....

    Woodley needs to get that hammy fixed and we need Worilds on the other side and then we need Minter or Ogletree. We need Fast LB's

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