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I dont think we need to spend a 1st Rder on a WR....We have other massive problems

Ryan Swope, Connor Vernon, Marquess Wilson, Aaron Mellette to name a few RD 4 or later guys as an example.

You could pray that guys like Robert Woods, Justin Hunter, DaRick Rodgers falls to the 3rd but who knows the draft is hard to predict and nowadays everyone loves Offense so WR fly off the boards.

But if we ended up going WR in the 1st or 2nd i wouldnt be mad if players like J. Jones, Mingo, Te'O, Warmack are off the board at pick 17... But i really think a Pass Rusher is a top priority. We need someone to replace Harrison because to be honest behind him we have no one.
i agree... pass rusher is the primary need... but if the big 5 are gone (werner, jones, jordan, moore, mingo), then im leaning WR (Hopkins or Patterson) @17