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Thread: Rainey's GF now saying no assault took place

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    **** rainey, get the **** out of the burgh. we got enough god damn problems. not a fn nursery school here dip **** rainey and his tard gf.

    And their fans.

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    Rainey's GF now saying no assault took place

    He's a goner...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Big T View Post
    Her statement did come out the same day a witness came out saying he didn't slap her...
    The same witness that said the only reason the other witness said he did hit her was because he doesn't like Rainey. That sent up major question marks and concerns. One witness trying to discredit another. How do we know that the one that said he didn't hit her only said that because she really likes Rainey and doesn't want to see him get in trouble (the argument works both ways.)

    The girlfriend's response is classic domestic abuse response. Call the police and then say no he never did anything. Makes domestic abuse a very difficult thing to prosecute.

    Something not sitting right with me about the whole situation. I think there's more facts to come yet.

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