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The names on the draft board are many... we pick 7 of them. maybe background checks need to be adhered to...
If they have problems let another team deal with them. get the next BPA..

Sometimes its just the luck of the draw... Let's be honest nobody wanted to touch Burflict with a 10 foot pole, because he had attitude problems... The bengals grabbed him and i dont think ive heard one bad thing about him this season about causing problems or anything. Ya it could happen later down the line. But for now it looks good..

Rainey had a situation that everyone was told was a isolated incident and that he just got a little heated and it was blown out of proportion. So we picked him up and now hes beating a girl in the middle of public.

Some of the biggest scumbags in the world seem like the nicest people and you would never know they are POS humans.
Especially if they have something to get from putting on the show... (Like a NFL contract). But once they get it, personas change and they turn into who they truly are.