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I think with varaitions of the 4-3, a pass rushing DE isn't as necessary as the ability of a DLine to create pressure/collapse pockets. Whether it's from a dominant edge rusher, or through an atheltic and well schemed front 4 is less important.

I agree completely that Hood is 1 Gapper.
And I agree that Heyward could 1 gap as well.
And McClendon's one skill is 1 gap penetration.
Sounds like the makings of a solid 3 man DT rotation.

Woodley at DE in a 4-3, I think he'd be more effective as a pass rusher being able to work inside and outside against tackles.

So, that's 3 pieces of a Dline in place, that can put pressure on through a 4-3 scheme.

At LBer... I don't think we have the pieces in place at all. I think Timmons obviously fits. I think he'd be an All Pro Weakside, or an adequate Middle.

Unless you have an absolute beast D line, like the Giants, you need quality pursuit backers. You want one guy who can pursue sideline to sideline, and you want another guy who can play the "20 yard middle radius". Timmons can fill one of those 2 roles, no one else on the roster can fill the other.
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And yeah I agree you don't technically have to have the "Speed edge rushers" ... Woodley would be the only ones that would really be able to beat his man with speed ... but with Heyward , McClendon , Hood and Co. they could break the pocket with power ...

and I agree Heyward would make a better 4-3 DT than End ... but got to put the best 4 out there , and from what McClendon showed glimpses of this year I want that on the field