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    4-3 Draft

    Ok even though I think Te'o will be there when we pick , I still proposed a trade down scenario using walterfootball new mock on who is left when the picks are up

    Miami has 2 2nds and 2 3rds ... so with them to be able to come out of the draft with the best WR and a good LT on first day ... we trade their 1st 2nd , later 3rd , and future 1st ... for out 1st and a future 3rd

    17th and next year 3rd traded to Miami for their 42 ,82 , 1st next year

    42 - Phillip Thomas - SS - Fresno State - A beast , can create splash plays , can play just like Troy does roaming all around and making tackles behind the line

    48 - Khaseem Greene - ILB/OLB - Rutgers - I think he would be a good ILB next to Timmons in the 3-4 or 4-3 ... so he Fits that now or a little down the line we switch to a 4-3

    79 - Bacarri Rambo - FS - Georgia - Thomas and Rambo will be able to create turnovers , when it's their time ... I would love this safety tandem going forward

    82 - Logan Ryan - CB - Rutgers - I love the way he plays, presses, zone blitz , run support , blitzes ... he does everything from the CB position, plays like a Steeler , great steal here at the end of the 3rd, Ike aging , what do we have beind Lewis and Cortez? ... what if Lewis doesn't resign here?

    112 - Gerald Hodges - OLB/ILB - Penn State - Will Spence be ready? who knows ... but either way He would be a good ILB on the 3-4 and play OLB in the 4-3 ... tackling machine and can cover

    5th - Larry Webster - DE - Bloomsburg - only one year of football after playing basketball , so he is maybe to much of a project then most would like here , but his potential is through the roof with his athleticism / Maybe can go WR , RB , or backup QB here if you don't like the project

    6th - Michael Williams - TE - Bama - Great run blocking TE with some redzone ability... maybe a better receiver then what Bama used him for?? guess only time will tell in the NFL, but we know he will be able to run block

    7th - Mike Catapano - DE - Princeton - Good run stopper, lost I think i read 20 pounds this year and his sack numbers went way up, I believe this is a name you'll hear rising draft boards and won't be here in the 7th

    I understand all Defense , but this sures up pretty much all the defense positions except an elite rush DE prospect, with some projects at those position drafted later , but they could pay off big in the long run ... Focus on DE prospect and Offense next year

    Defense Depth Chart

    Lewis------------------- Woodley - Hood - Mclendon - Heyward ------------------Ike

    --------------Hodges/Spence ------- Greene ------------Timmons--------------------------

    --------------------------Troy ------------------- Clark ---------------------------------

    With the Likes of Dline depth, DE - Worilds / DT - Tamu / DT - Heyward / DE -Webster / DE - Catapano / DE - Carter

    LB - Hodges or Spence what ever one don't start / Sly

    CB - Cortez / Ryan / Brown / Van Dyke

    S - SS - Thomas / FS - Rambo / either Cromartie-Smith or Golden

    I like the depth chart .... and the youth, I really love the safety combo of Phillip Thomas and Bacarri Rambo, and Logan Ryan playing Dime and special teams until his number is called when Ike is finsihed
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