I'm new and this is my first mock draft so here it goes:

1. OAK Calvin Johnson (Need help everywhere, but will probably lose Moss and Porter)

2. DET Jamarcus Rusell (Take the best QB on the board)

3. CLE Adrian Peterson (Need immediate help with the run game)

4. TB Gaines Adams (That D isn't getting any younger)

5. ARZ Joe Thomas (They land the best player in the draft at a position the need halp at the most)

6. WAS Leon Hall (CB is their biggest concern)

7. MIN Brady Quinn (Vikings are happy he fell this far, Johnson and Jackson aren't their future)

8. HOU Marshawn Lynch (They would have liked Peterson, but Lynch is just as good)

9. MIA Alan Branch (They are gonna need a young stud to help out Jason Taylor for next season)

10. ATL LaRon Landry (That secondary minus Hall is bad, real bad)

11. SF Dwayne Jarett (A huge target for Alex Smith to throw to)

12. BUF Gaines Adams (They need a stout rusher off the end)

13. STL Ted Ginn (They are evenmtually gonna need somebody else other than Torry Holt to throw too)

14. CAR Quinten Moses (The D-line is starting to get up there in age and a solid DE is what they need oppisite of Julius Peppers)

15. PIT Lamar Woodley (The Steelers need help at LB and DE which is what they get help with, with Woodley)

16. GB Justin Blalock (The O-line was suspect at times this year and Blalock makes for the logical pick)

17. JAX Paul Pozluzny (A bigtime LB is exactly what they need)

18. CIN Jamaal Anderson (A very underrated palyer who is quickly climbing)

19. TEN Darrell Revies (Help on D is the key to there sucess next season)

20. NYG Amobi Akoye (Another underrated player who is quickly climbing the
draft boards)

21. DEN Marcus McCauley (They need a CB to replace Darrent Williams)

22. DAL Levi Brown (Would likely start immediately for an aging O-line)

23. KC Reggie Nelson (That pass defense still isn't good)

24. NE (from SEA) Sidney Rice (A very underrated WR who will make some
noise at the combine)

25. NYJ Fred Bennett (With the lackluster passing D, the Jets go DB to shore it up)

26. PHI Patrick Willis (A playmaker on defense that may start on Day 1)

27. NO Zach Miller (They need a solid TE to catch the ball and Miller is the best one this year)

28. NE Michael Griffin (With Harrison aging and being injured constantly, they have no other choice)

29. BAL Joe Staley (An intimadating T who can be an immediate impact at the next level)

30. SD H. B. Blades (The LB corp i sgetting old, and getting him to team up with Merriman could be exciting)

31. CHI Greg Olsen (Hoping to land Miller, they settle for the more athletic Olsen)

32. IND Rufus Alexander (There D is much better with Bob Sanders but they could still use some help at LB)