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Thread: Why it's time to move on from Keisel and Hampton in 2012, Polamalu and Clark 2013

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    Why it's time to move on from Keisel and Hampton in 2012, Polamalu and Clark 2013

    No sacks = no turnovers! This team has to find some pass rushers!

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    I agree that you gotta keep Keisel as well for at least one more season. I would cut Casey because I think he is done and it would free up some cap space. I would also keep Troy and Clark around one more season at least and focus on getting a young safety potentially in the 2nd round maybe even the 1st round. This is where we are going to find out how good both not only Tomlin but Colbert as well can work together and rebuild this team and especially this defense with young talent. Considering the horrible draft class that Kevin Colbert had this season if the Steelers have another year or two of 7-9 8-8 seasons and miss the playoffs and the draft classes are as bad as the one was this season the Steelers are going to need to strongly consider moving on from Colbert and going in a new direction. He has had great success and has been a vital part of this team getting to 3 Super Bowls and winning 2 of them he has not really got it done over the last few seasons in terms of improving this team through the draft and free agency as well. Colbert in my opinion needs to be on a shorter leash then people are saying...

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    Colbert had a bad draft season?

    Round 1: Decastro injured and missed almost the entire season.
    Round 2: Adams showed signs of being really formidable, especially in run blocking. Injured and missed second half of season.
    Round 3: Spence injured and missed entire season.
    Round 4: Ta' amu ended up being a knucklehead but not really Colbert' s fault. He was never going to play this season anyway with Casey and McLendon ahead of him but I remember this entire board being ecstatic on draft day.

    It will be two seasons before we kniw if the draft was a bust.

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    Why fl we keep all this old players? Damn it just cut Hampton NOW!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Harrison92 View Post
    I'll roll the dice and cut ties with Kiesel and Hampton this year. Steelers need to draft or bring in someone to push Hood though. Steelers 1st (2) picks this year have to be safety / OLB. These guys can get a taste and learn behiond Troy / Clark and Harrison / Woody. One more person needs to go and that is Larry Foote. Solid vs the run, but a LIABILITY in pass coverage.

    Aaron Smith didn't exactly light up the scoreboard with stats; wasn't his defined role. He, along with all linemen are to occupy blockers, clog running lanes. Unfortunately nothing in their assignments involve pass rush.

    Difference between Steelers D-Line and Texans D-Line is while both run a 3-4, the Front 3 for the Texans are preached to get penetration. How else does JJ Watts get 20.5 sacks?
    agreed on the penetration issue.....the few times we really did anything upfront this year came with penetration up the tired of watching linebackers play loop-the-loop around the ends and the qb steps up into the pocket for five seconds before dinking and dunking.....

    i like mclendon, let him rush the passer dammit....

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    Why it's time to move on from Keisel and Hampton in 2012, Polamalu and Clark 2013

    I think Wood, Troy, Harrison, Hampton, Ben all need to take a salary hit to help free cap space.

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    wood also needs to lose weight....

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