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Beard stays, ham bone and hood gone.. keep troy and clark until they can get somebody to replace them maybe couple years
Bingo! Keisel played his *** off this year. He earned the right to come back,whether it's
in a starting role or backing up. Everyone loves Heyward for some reason but I just don't
see it. If the team feels he needs more reps then put his *** in there and see what the
Buckeye boy can do. Hood,for as big and mean as he looks plays like a pussy most of
the time. He hasn't shown me squat. DE/DT needs to be addressed in the draft,hopefully
within the first couple picks we have. And that dude needs to make a impact and play
with a high motor and be relentless in his attack. No brainer that a hard hitting Safety
is a top priority too. Troy and Clarkie will have to do for now.