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Thread: Why it's time to move on from Keisel and Hampton in 2012, Polamalu and Clark 2013

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    the dude does it all while hood does nothing....hood is far from slightly above average, letting evander go would be a much better move unless they plan on moving to a 43, then that man would be a beast

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    I think Kiesel deserves to be on the team, just in a back role IMO, but Heyward needs to be starting, the real solution to these problems are make the defensive schemes simpler so we can get rid of the vets and get more use out of our rookies...i'll be glad when DL retires.

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    If its time for us to move on from anyone it's Hood. He's awful. There's a reason teams had so much success running to the right. Remember that first Cincy game? Their one TD drive was all runs right at Hood and he got mauled the entire time, knowing it was coming. The real solution would be for Heyward to start over Hood. The defense would immediately improve. Here's the DL snap counts for this season. Pretty pathetic that Hood got over 3 times as many snaps as Heyward.

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    Beard stays, ham bone and hood gone.. keep troy and clark until they can get somebody to replace them maybe couple years

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    They all played well this year, except Polamalu (injury)...this is definetly a tough choice. Keep Troy and Clark to teach new players the position?

    Maybe Hampton and Keisel are done...

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    Keisel still had a good year and isn't too expensive.

    I thought it was time to move on from Casey Hampton last year. Nothing that happened this year made me convinced I was wrong.

    Troy and Clark play well when they are in, but they are injured too often. That's the reason why I think we need a safety high in this year's draft. I think we'll get more than a year out of them though.

    I think it's time to have a serious thought about Harrison though. His production isn't what it used to be and doesn't justify his salary anymore.

    As for Hood, well, let me just say that I don't think we're getting first round value out of him.

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    At some point, youth has to served. We draft these guys and don't give them serious playing time for 2 years or more? And it's kind of caught up to us now. Bill Walsh used to say it's better to let a player go a year too early instead of a year too late.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Real Deal Steel View Post
    At some point, youth has to served. We draft these guys and don't give them serious playing time for 2 years or more? And it's kind of caught up to us now. Bill Walsh used to say it's better to let a player go a year too early instead of a year too late.
    if the youth sucks, stick with the talent
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    Hood sucks, plain and simple. He is consistently pushed 3 to 4 yards off the ball. If he stays, he must be moved to NT. Taamu and Heyward must be given more snaps. Kiesel was still the most consistent DL the Steelers have.

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    Quote Originally Posted by NeilPatrickBanana View Post
    I disagree

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