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Thread: My mock

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    My mock

    1. Tyler Eifert TE Notre Dame

    2. Eddie Lacy RB Alabama

    3. Robert Lester SS Alabama

    4. Ryan Swope WR Texas AM

    5. John Bostic ILB Florida

    6. Sam Brenner OG Utah

    7. Jeff Locke K UCLA

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    I would be thrilled with Lacy and Swope.... and Lester would be a nice pick up too...

    I like eifert and i know we may need to draft one cause of heaths injury but i really think we go OLB in the 1st this yr. If we did get Eifert we could trade down maybe pick up an extra 2nd or 3rd rounder and pick up someone like Phillip Thomas...

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    Could you imagine having Heath and Eifert as a 1-2 punch. Add Swope as a slot receiver and a solid running back in Lacy. We have to give Ben more weapons. The offensive line will be fine. They just need to stay healthy.

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    I don't understand the Eifert hype. He's not going to be an elite "new school" TE (Gronk, Graham, etc). He runs excellent routes, and has perfect hands. But he doesn't get separation, he doesn't have big play speed. I don't think he's much better than Kyle Rudolph. When he runs a 4.70-4.80 40... his draft stock will come back down to earth.

    17th overall pick on a nice TE?.... waste.
    It's good to be back!

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    I like TE - Michael Williams - Bama , in the 6th ... a great run blocking TE with some red zone potential ... Maybe even the 7th, CBSsports have him as 5th round right now, but I don't think so because Run blocking TEs aren't really valued anymore

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