If you were the GM what moves would you make ... I seen this on another Steelers site , thought it would be fun to see some people point of views...

Cut/ Restructure
According to these articles,
I would do all the restructures(20 mill saved) ,
Cut Harrison(5 mill saved) ,
Cut Keisel and Cotchery(4 mill saved)
Restructure or release Ike Taylor (My favorite player on the Steelers so this hurts, but business is business and it would save 4 mill)...
Resign for Cheaper or Cut Colon (1 mill in cap savings)....
Suisham played good but he will not be allowed to make 1.76 , cut him would save 1 mill
that would free up about 35 mill ... (16 over the cap to start , save 35 , now have 19mil open) ... all numbers are rounded for easy math

With only 19 mill to work with
Sign - Keneen Lewis - 4 mill a year? sounds fair to me.... now down to 15 mill
Sign - Max Starks - 1 mill ... now down to 14 mill
Sign - Ramon Foster - 2 mill a year? ... now down to 13 mill
Bring back the backup QB Johnson had on the pre season roster , and Denise Dixon ... both would be minimum signings , whatever that is ... so say still have 12 mill Left
Sign Mike Wallace - say 7 Mill a year (or around the deal Brown got) - 5 mill left to sign draft picks
Give Sanders a 5th round tender, somebody baits and takes it - so we get an extra 5th round pick (bare with me you'll see)
Can Also resign Troy and Clark to clear up a little bit more cap maybe?

Draft using http://www.drafttek.com/2013-NFL-Mock-Draft-Round1b.asp (to see who will be left when)
1st - trade back with Rams , they want to jump infront of the Bears to take the best Oline ... either Warmack or Eric Fisher , get an extra 4th and 5th to drop back 4 spots
1st (From Rams) - Tyler Eifert - TE - Notre Dame - Need with Heath out and getting older
2nd - Logan Ryan - CB - Rutgers - Need with letting Ike go, and Curtis Brown showed nothing, and he plays like a Steeler
3rd - Da'Rick Rodgers - WR - Tennessee Tech - Letting Cotch go, and adding a tall receiver and allowing to come out in 3 WR and Brown to work the middle
4th(from Rams) - Gerald Hodges - ILB/OLB - Penn State - probably will move inside if Spence isn't ready, but can play Outside also if needed, 2 years with other 100 tackles, and good in coverage
4th - Duke Williams - SS - Nevada - Love the Value here, will be a good Pro, great at running with receivers and TEs
5th (from Sanders tender) - D.J. Swearinger - FS - South Carolina
5th (from Rams) - Omoregie Uzzi - OG - Gerogia Tech - Depth
5th - Trevardo Williams - OLB - Conn - Great Pass rush upside value here
6th - Dustin Hopkins - K - Florida State - Suisy gone , a need
7th - John Wetzel - OT - Boston College - Depth

Depth Chart
QB - Ben , Johnson - Dixon
RB - Dwyer - Redman - Rainey - Batch
WR - Wallace- Rodgers
WR- Brown- Toney Clemons
TE- Heath - Eifert - Paulson
LT - Gilbert - Starks
LG - Foster - uzzi
C - Pouncey - Legs
RG - Decastro - Uzzi -
RT - Adams - Beachum - Wetzel

DE - Heyward - Woods
NT - Mclendon - Tamu - Fangpu
DE - Hood - Woods
ROLB - Worilds - Carter - Trevardo Williams
ILB - Timmons - Sly
ILB - Spence - Hodges
LOLB - Woodley - Trevardo Williams
CB - Keenan Lewis - Cortez Allen - Logan Ryan - Curtis Brown - Van Dyke
FS - Clark - DJ Swearinger - Cromartie-Smith
SS - Troy - Duke Williams

Sign a few others for depth ,

but that's the over run